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Client: Wayward Stock

Writing and contributing to Wayward Stock has been a good outlet for me to expand my creative writing abilities as well as write about topics I am personally interested in. 


Contribution: Words
Originally Published: 2/25/15



The scent of salty ocean air and increasing daylight through the dense canopy signals the eventual end of the forest. Parked three miles back on the highway, everything you need for the day is either on your back or under your arm. At first a lightweight chunk of foam, your board has begun to feel heavier after the long hike in, but hopefully it will be just as buoyant as you remember. Unlike other breaks, this one can’t be seen from the road, so there’s no way of knowing what awaits you. 

The Unknown has sparked the curiosity and intrigue of adventurers and explorers for centuries. That force has been the driver for continental explorations, transoceanic journeys, as well as our own, shorter, less extreme adventures. While not making any real earth-changing discoveries, getting in the water somewhere new takes a lot of confidence, and hiking in blind can be a huge gamble. The entire walk, you’ve been wondering what this break will have in store for you and your friends, while your imagination races to both best and worst case scenarios. Every type of wave and condition has crossed your mind.

Then, just as you're in the middle of imagining yourself climbing into your wetsuit and paddling into a new frontier, the forest breaks and you finally catch a glimpse of the beach. From the headland, you can see perfectly groomed lines of waves, stacked to the horizon, under a large amount of winter sun, rare this time of year. It's all you can do not to break into a sprint for those final yards before tearing off your clothes and jumping into your suit. This is it. A gamble that's paid off. And best of all, you and your crew are the only ones here.