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Wayward Journal is the blog site for waywardcollective.com. My role was to be the managing editor and primary contributor to the blog. I also worked with a handful of outside contributors to gather content based on marketing initiatives. Content on the blog ranged from brand profiles, interviews, editorials, listicals and product-focused posts. 

Model, Artist, everyday kiddo: AN INTERVIEW WITH SONORA MINDWERL

It’s easy to base a perception of a person solely on their social media feed. From exotic travel, fine dining and glamorous fashion, a lot can be done to curate a specific image or paint the picture of a perfect life. And while some are quick to take a person’s social persona at face-value and measure their own lives against it, others are able to read through the lines, more aware, but still only catching a glimpse of the realities...

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Originally Published: January 2018


Your wetsuit didn’t dry much overnight, but being stuffed in a drybag along with some sandy booties and damp gloves was never a recipe for success. After peeling off your suit and finally warming up, hanging it up felt like too much of a chore, and this morning you’re paying the price. With overnight temperatures in the mid 40’s and a steady mist off the water, it’s not like it would have dried out anyway. But now here you are...

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Originally Published: September 2017

Seven strong gifts for opening a home bar

Visiting a new bar can either be an open, welcoming experience, or an intimidating and potentially hostile beginning to some sort of hazing ritual. Instead of putting yourself or someone you know through this, why not open a home bar? Think about it: cheaper, stronger drinks, a handpicked VI-VIP crowd and no last call regulations. From basements and garages to trailers and spare rooms, there are plenty of great locations to open a... 

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Originally Published: November 2017

that's a wrap: the top 10 journal entries from 2017

Between joining our friends on some great trips, learning about and visiting new places, getting to interview some very interesting people and opening three stores, 2017 has been a big year for Wayward. Through all of it, most of our big year has been shown with written content here on the Journal, and if a cross section of this can be any indication of the year it’s been, well it’s been a busy, productive year of adventures. Moving...

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For the ecommerce element of waywardcollective.com, I managed and wrote a large majority of the initial product descriptions, then 100% after the summer of 2017. Each product recieved a unique, SEO-friendly description to inform the customer of the product's features as well as maintain a consistent brand voice throughout all of the nearly 1000 products featured on the site each year. I also wrote over half of the SEO-tailored brand bios for select brands featured on site




In between boxes of old carburetors, balled up surf wax and empty screw top whiskey bottles lies the makings of Iron & Resin. Originating from a small, blue-collar Southern California town with direct access to world-class surf and a strong motorsports culture, Iron & Resin looks to turn back the clock. Back to the days when people made things by hand, weren’t afraid to get dirty and cared more about quality, long-lasting items rather than a closet full of crap you wore for two months. In an era of mass consumption, Iron & Resin stands apart. Leaning towards a “one-off” mentality rather than throwaway fashion, each product is carefully handcrafted and individually printed in California.

From groggy mornings in damp wetsuits to land speed records and victory laps in the desert, Iron & Resin focuses on the important things in life. With an appreciation for hard work and a time when men weren’t afraid to build things with their own two hands, Iron & Resin’s dedication to quality is easy to see and hard to forget. By focusing on the simple joys of life, whether or floating in the rhythm of the lineup or burning rubber on your way to and from, Iron & Resin thoughtfully curates its products to assure they represent the same values.

Utilizing classic silhouettes and durable fabrics that pay homage to a deep-rooted heritage and culture, Iron & Resin’s products may look like they come with stories, but in reality, they were designed for you to wear while you live your own. As Iron & Resin has grown, it has remained grounded by looking toward its own experiences and the culture it created. Whether investing in a jacket, jeans, or another everyday piece, know that Iron & Resin brings a lasting quality to all its designs. [Permalink]



The best products are typically the result of a former need that was filled—that statement rings true for Red Wing Shoes. Founded in a small southern Minnesota town on the banks of the upper Mississippi River in 1905, Charles Beckman and the Red Wing Shoe Company began by making sturdy leather work boots for the booming logging, mining and farming industries in the area. Before Red Wing, work boots were focused on toughness and durability, generally lacking in the comfort department. Beckman envisioned a boot that could be both strong and comfortable, making life on the job much more bearable for the hardworking people who needed them.  

Between supplying boots for soldiers in both World Wars and filling orders for every other rugged industry for over 100 years, Red Wing’s excellence and quality have stood the test of time. This achievement wasn’t a fluke or the result of a passing fashion trend, but rather accomplished through years of hard work, endurance and adherence to a promise to never compromise on quality. Applying the same fabrication processes today, Red Wing utilizes premium leather from the S.B. Foot Tanning Company and constructs its boots right here in America.

With a line of products that consistently perform from oil fields and logging sites to city streets and forest trails, Red Wing remains unwavering from Beckman’s original mission. From loggers and oil workers to lovers of the outdoors, Red Wing continues to build quality, timeless products and weave a common thread that many different people appreciate and connect through. [Permalink]


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From August of 2017 to April 2018, I also acted as the social media manager. During that time I helped to create a daily consistency through pre-approved content, worked with outside contributors to gather user-generated content, increase equity around the hashtag #explore_enjoy while remain on-brand.