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While at Burton, I worked as a Creative Developer, which involved being the main contributor, editor and manager of the Burton blog. Through this, I worked across multiple departments including media, athletes, product and marketing to create content to fit within the larger yearly marketing plans. Since leaving Burton, I have continued to do some periodic freelance contracts, helping to create additional blog content. 


This post is a series of three posts I was contracted to write, two years after leaving the in-house team at Burton. It was fun being able to connect with them again and contribute to their blog.

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Originally Published: 7/6/16

[Photo: Burton Snowboards/Gabe L'Heureux]

[Photo: Burton Snowboards/Gabe L'Heureux]

Earning Clips in Edmonton: No Easy Feat

This was another milestone post for myself. With more of an editorial focus with our blog, I really tried to get across the emotion and feeling the riders had when they were filming in such harsh conditions. Referencing photos, quick interviews with the filmers and riders, and trying to put myself in their shoes, I was able to create a story that made it feel like I was really there with them and add a subtle product reference. 

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Originally Published: 9/25/13

[Photo: Burton Snowboards/Blotto]

[Photo: Burton Snowboards/Blotto]

8 Feet, 80 Toes: The Ion and Total Comfort

To me, this editorial content is important because as a creative team, we were moving into more of a journalism/editorial direction, rather than the typical "blog" content I had been creating up until this point. Through a combination of four interviews with various figures, I was able to put together this story that was very well-received within the company and to our audience.

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Originally Published: 8/13/13

2013 Nug Snowboard Advertisement

This 2014 Burton Snowboards advertisement was promoted in print publications and in online marketing. It was the primary promotion for the NUG snowboard, which featured a new technology that allowed riders to ride a much smaller board than normal. 

For this project, I was pulled in to help come up with options for the main headline and secondary messaging. After a combined list from few different people, my headline was chosen and supplemental copy helped influence the secondary messaging. 

2014 Slash and Berm Contest Flyer

In 2014, a new type of contest format was being created which involved banked slalom and freestyle snowboarding elements to be hosted at Burton's "The Stash" installation at Killington Ski Area. While most contests were either race- or freestyle-focused, this event posed an interesting challenge of blending those two disciplines.

As the first of its type, I was asked to help name this new contest in a way that tied into "The Stash" marketing activations, as well helped describe the event. After a long list of brainstorm ideas from the creative department as well as the event marketing department, my idea of "Slash and Berm" was chosen to go along with some original artwork. 

The event was well received by the snowboarding population and continued on for another year or two. 

Product Descriptions

Burton Dexter Hooded Henley

After “Don”-ing a hooded Henley of this caliber, all you’re gonna wanna do is dance.

Featuring a cotton/poly blend lightweight fleece fabric that wicks away heat-robbing moisture, the Burton Dexter Hooded Henley is an ideal multipurpose layer for all your active pursuits. Everyday style elements such as a full kangaroo pocket and rib knit cuffs provide a hoodie look and feel.

Burton Willow Flannel

A timeless shirt packed with more style points than an obscure, late 80s fantasy flick.

The Burton Willow Long Sleeve combines a classic fit with a 100% cotton fabric for a style that packs in more magic than Val Kilmer as Madmartigan. The mini indigo herringbone colorway shows an ideal character for urban lurkers, fixed gear fanatics, or aspiring snowboard filmmakers, while the plaid option exudes a swagger that no thrift store find could ever provide.


Product & Tech Feature Naming

During my time at Burton, I was involved in a good amount of product and technology naming. Here are some of the products and technologies that I was able to name and have stuck around.

Women's Talent Scout Snowboard

Men's Fiend Snowboard Boot

Screen Grab® Glove Tech